Create the layout for your Repeater

When using Repeaters you have to create a layout that will be used to display your repeater items.

  1. Search for Templates in your menu panel (you find it below the Elementor item)

  2. Click Add New

  3. In the pop-up menu choose section as your template type and enter a name for your layout.

  4. In the Elementor Editor drag and drop the widgets you need to create your custom layout.

  5. Connect the widget fields to ACF by clicking on the Dynamic Tag icon <icon data-tag>. Note: To connect the widget fields to ACF, the fields must support Dynamic Tags. Otherwise, you can only use the widget as a static widget. 

  6. In the dropdown field, scroll down till you see the Dynoments section. 

  7. Depending on the widget that you use you have chosen you can select a Dynamic Tag that can be used to connect the ACF Field.

  8. Choose a Dynoments Dynamic Tag and click on the wrench icon <wrench icon>

  9. In the pop-over menu click on the dropdown field and search for your ACF Field. Note that you only see the ACF Fields that are corresponding to the type of Dynamic Tag that you have chosen. So if you chose Dynoments Text you will only see the ACF Text related fields. 

  10. After you choose the right ACF field you will see a placeholder text in the form of Dynoments <Tag Name>: <ACF Field name>. Note: The placeholders are only visible in the Editor to let you style your widget. When the section is in your Repeater Field loop it will be replaced with your content. 

  11. Style the widgets as you please and when you are finished publish the section.


You have successfully created a layout for your Repeater Fields items. Head over to the next section where you will learn how to connect these layouts to the Repeater Fields widget.